Smile dental clinics provide comprehensive dental care for adults and children. Services are backed by state of the art equipment including an endoscope in each chair allowing a constructive dialogue between the dentist and patient about ongoing and proposed treatments, digital x-ray sensors allowing for very low dose x-ray emissions in a sterile hygienic environment and quality materials All treatment are underpinned by a preventive service that focuses on oral health education and
the need to retain all teeth as long as possible in a clean oral environment.

In addition we emphasise

  • 6 monthly dental visits for check-ups to detect early dental caries, health status of the gums and underlying bone and surrounding structures such as the tongue, lips, palate and back of the throat.
  • The promotion of diets that protects the teeth and surrounding structures
  • Dietary control particularly the consumption of sugary foods in children under the age of 6 years